Why Is Golf So Hard? A Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Matt Henney
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Golf has been around since the 15th century. Modern golf first originated in Scotland. This beautiful sport has gained much popularity among players, especially since the beginning of the 20th century. However, you must know that it is not meant to be played by everyone. Golf requires the utmost amount of patience and dedication. 

Even though it is a popular sport amongst people, many find it hard to play. After all, it is a game with a rich history. Hence it involves a lot of rules, etiquette and procedures that a player must follow. Players find themselves stuck in a love-hate relationship with this exciting sport. Golf can be frustrating to play. 

The article discusses all the information you need to know about golf. Our team of researchers have come up with some tips and tricks that will make golf an easy sport for you. After reading this article, you might enjoy playing golf in the park ground. 

Why Is Golf So Hard

A Unique Sport 

Golf is a unique sport. It is quite different from classic basketball, football, and hockey which require a lot of physical exertion. The takeaway is that golfers try to use clubs to put the balls through different holes. 

Golf is a challenging game for amateurs. After all, it involves precise body movement, strategy, and patience. Unlike other sports, it does not rigorously tests your physical strength. 

Other than that, since the beginning, golf has been an individual sport. The scores, ranks, and performances of golfers lie with them individually. You can easily fit golf into your healthy lifestyle. Golf will always keep you on your toes, as it is nearly impossible to reach perfection in this sport. One always has room to challenge himself to do better in golf. 

Why Is Golf So Hard?

From the outside, golf can seem like a pretty straightforward game. You just have to pick up a club and hit the ball, so it lands in a hole, right? Well, that is not the case. It is an individual sport that focuses entirely on an individual’s scores. 

Hitting the round golf ball can be pretty frustrating. There is a lot of room for failure. You need to have the perfect strategy for your ball to land precisely in the hole. For instance, you have to factor in the wind, altitude, distance, and humidity from your standing position. Different swings and body movements greatly impact your performance on a golf course. Also, be prepared with an excellent strategy to ace golf. 

Other than that, the mental, physical or environmental factors in golf will not stay consistent. Hence, playing golf is a new challenge of its own whenever you play. Some of the time, golfers need to be using the right equipment or wearing appropriate attire to play golf. Although, no one can deny the fact that many other factors make golf a demanding sport to play. These factors include:

The Golf Course 

A golf course is made to be challenging for a player. The ground levels shift consistently, and it changes from grass to sand. Other than that, there are rolling hills and tricky turns that a golf ball has to maneuver. 

Why Is Golf So Hard


You may be able to control other factors, but the weather is entirely out of your control. It is great to play golf on a fabulous sunny day. However, playing golf on a windy day can be pretty tricky. A cold or humid weather can change the way you play golf. 

Physical Factors 

Golf is a physical game as much as it is a mental game. You can easily navigate through the golf course and swing the ball. However, it would be best if you had the utmost strength, precision, and stamina to put the golf ball in a hole. 

You need to know the angle of rotation for your body. Also, you have to measure the distance for accuracy. If you are not physically fit. It is very likely that you will end up injuring your lower back, hips, or knees. Many people find golf hard to play as it is a physically demanding sport. 

After all, a sore back or an injured knee can ruin your performance. Most of the time, these factors are not in one’s control. A golfer may only need a little athletic ability to be good at golf. However, a golfer needs to be physically active and fit. 

Golf has a higher injury rate than cricket or rugby. Players can only improve their golf game by becoming fitter than ever. If you build your muscles and tone your body, you can ace the game with proper practice. 

Mental Factors 

Other than being a physical sport, golf is also a mental activity. Mental reasons are the most contributing factor to why golf is hard to play. There is a lot of room for failure in golf. Hence a player is bound to miss the shots. However, only a mentally strong person will not give up and be back at it again. 

The mental ability is what will set apart average golf players from good golfers. While playing golf, you need to be mentally active and steady to pull successful shots. Golfers that are striving to be better spend a lot of time reading about ways to improve their mental game. If you are an average golf player, researching about the mental side of the game can quickly optimise your performance. 

However, most of the time, one may be feeling under the weather. Players can’t be in a perfect mental position all the time. As humans, they are likely to lose their calm and not focus properly. However, good golfer tries their best to control their emotions and fully understand the mental factors of the game. 

Is Golf Difficult to Learn?

Golf is a tricky sport. However, if you are an active player, it will be easy for you to learn. Although, the prime reason why golf is hard to understand is that we need proper instructors. If you learn golf properly from the beginning, it is easy to learn golf. 

With no proper guidance, amateur golfers can develop bad habits that will stick with them and adversely affect their performance. 

Suppose you have developed the bad habits in golf. It is best if you ignore the past instructions and focus on learning golf the more straightforward way. It is even better if you start practising with utmost dedication. Consistency in practice can make or break your performance in golf. 

Practice different swings and postures to understand what suits you best. Eliminate errors, polish your mental ability, and become physically active to ace golf. Golf can sometimes get frustrating; however, do not give in to the frustration and keep trying. Get in touch with a professional instructor who will guide you. You just need to have the determination and willpower to learn golf, and you’re good to go. Put in all your time and effort. 

Tips to Get Better At Golf 

Here are a few tips on how you can optimise your golf performance. If you find it hard to play golf, these tricks will make it fun for you. 

Take Proper Golf Lessons 

Suppose you are constantly missing the hole, breaking clubs, and losing balls. Then, it is time that you start taking professional golf lessons from a coach. Stop following your peers, and hire an instructor that will give you weekly golf lessons. 

Professional instructors have the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment. They know the common mistakes of amateur golf players. Hence, you will be in good hands. They will teach you about the right equipment to use for swinging. Other than that, they will point out your mistakes and help you do better.   

Remember not to be discouraged by the instructors. They may go a little harsh on you, but it is all in your best interest. They do not mean to lower your morale, instead, learn from them and polish your golf skills. 

Why Is Golf So Hard

Account for Nature 

Golf is a tricky game because you have to account for nature, wind, and distance. A good golfer must understand wind direction, ground elevation, running hills, and humidity. Even the time of the day can hugely impact your performance in golf. 

After proper training, you may understand how to factor in nature and the environment in your game. You can use a modern rangefinder to display the elevation and declines of the ground accurately. 

Other than that, practising consistently will also polish your ability to account for nature. You need to train regularly. Learn to recover yourself in case of a filed shot quickly. 

Enjoy While Playing 

Golf is a game that is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, at the end of the day, it is just a game. If you will be too focused on the scores, you will forget the fun part of the game. Look at golf as a casual game. Give it your all, but do not let the low scores or missed shots impact your mental health. 

Focus more on the positive factors of the game. By focusing on the good things, your performance is likely to get better. Account for small achievements, and take it easy. Your overall score may be average, but at least you are having a good time and learning. 


We cannot deny the fact that golf is a difficult game. However, it does not have t be hard to learn. There is no shortcut to acing golf. You need to practice consistently with full determination and patience. Learn to deal with failures, recover quickly, and identify your eros. If you are willing to give golf time and effort, nothing can stop you. Learn from your peers. Lastly, remember to have a good time. Good Luck with your golfing ventures. 

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