How to Organize 7 Way Golf Bag: The Essential Tips for an Efficient Setup

Matt Henney
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Are you a golfer looking for a way to get organized and maximize your time on the course? A golf bag is essential to a golfer’s game. And having it organized is vital to a successful session. Organizing a golf bag is simple but requires some thought and planning. 

There are different types of golf bags with various divisions. The 7-way golf bag has seven compartments for different types of golf clubs. Organizing it appropriately and in the correct order makes it easier to get what you need when you need it.

Knowing what to put in your bag and where to put it can help you save time and make it easier to find the items you need while you’re out there. To get started, you’ll need to consider how many clubs you need, what accessories you need, and where to store them. You’ll also need to decide which items should be in the bag and which should be in your pockets. 

Golf BagParts of a Golf Bag

Golf bags are essential for any golfer, as they store and protect the golf clubs from any damage throughout the game. They also provide support and comfort while playing, as they are designed to reduce the strain on the player and make the game more enjoyable. A golf bag typically consists of several parts and components, each of which plays an essential role in the overall performance. 

The Center

Golf clubs occupy the center of a bag. This area is an essential part of the bag, as it provides protection for the clubs from harm. The dividers keep the clubs separated and organized, making it easier to select the right club when needed. 


The bag pockets are also essential, as they provide additional storage space for other items, such as golf balls, tees, gloves, and other accessories. Depending on the size of the bag, the pockets can be large or small, allowing for more or fewer items to be stored. Some bags may also have additional pockets for keys, wallets, and phones. 


The straps are usually adjustable, allowing one to carry the bag comfortably for long distances. Some bags also have fold-out leg supports, which provide additional stability when you put the bag on the ground. 

How Should I Set Up My 5-Way Golf Bag?

A 5-way top is a lightweight carry golf bag that follows a 2-2-1 layout. At the back of the bag, two slots are available for woods and hybrids. And two more are situated in the middle. 

Your biggest club, such as the 3-wood, is placed in the back-left compartment. And any other fairway woods or hybrids going into the right slot. The two middle slots are more expansive than other layouts.  And this enables three irons to fit in each one. The left middle compartment is an excellent spot for the 4, 5, and 6-iron. And the right side is ideal for the 7 to 9-iron.

The last spot is an extended configuration that stores all your clubs in your short game. It offers enough area to keep your pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and putter. 

How Should I Set Up My 6-Way Golf Bag?

A 6-way golf bag has a distinct 1-2-2-1 formation, which means the rear and front of the bag have separate compartments, while two rooms are available in the remaining two rows. The back section accommodates a driver and the longest fairway wood.

The 6-way golf bag’s second row provides space for fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons. The optimal spot for 14, 8, or 7-slot clubs is the left side of the bag, while four and 5-irons should be in the middle of the right side.

A six-way top golf bag has a unique 1-2-2-1 formation. One slot in the back and front of the bag and two slots in the middle. The back slot is wide enough to store your driver and the longest fairway wood. Mid and short irons should reside in the middle row, 6-iron on the left, 8-iron on the right. You should likewise place the 7-iron and 9-iron accordingly. The initial slot is wider than the rest and can hold up to 3 clubs, usually wedges and the putter.

How Should I Set Up My 7-Way Golf Bag?

When you decide to get a 7-slot golf bag, it’s essential to be aware that each golf club must be paired with another to fit all 14 in. Generally, the longest shafted clubs have their place at the back, with the shortest at the front.

You can store the driver and 3-wood in a single compartment at the back of the seven-slot bag. The remaining rows have two rooms each; the back middle spaces are set aside for the 5-wood, hybrid, 4-iron, and 5-iron. The 4-iron and 5-iron are placed on the right, while the 5-wood and hybrid are in the left rear middle position.

The center of the front row has two spaces. On the left side, it is suited for six and 7-irons, while eight and 9-irons are for the right side. This leaves two remaining openings. The number of wedges you have will determine how to bridge the gap. 


How Should I Set Up My 8-Way Golf Bag?

The 8-way top golf bag provides an ideal structure for organizing your clubs. 

You can store your driver and 3-wood in the bag’s single compartment at the back. And there are three sections to keep your longer and mid-iron clubs. Fairway woods or hybrids should be placed in the far left chamber, followed by the 4-iron and 5-iron in the middle. The far right section of the bag is for the 6- and 7-iron. The four cells in front contain the 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, and gap wedge.

How Should I Set Up My 11-Way Golf Bag?

Golf bags with 11 slots feature a designated space at the back center for clubs, with the driver directly left the putter area. One should place the longest fairway wood on the opposite side. 

The 5-wood should go first in the leftmost pocket, followed by the 4- and 5-iron. Finally, the 6-iron should be in the farthest slot.

The third row should begin with the 7-iron in the far left, with the 8-iron, 9-iron, and pitching wedge following in the other slots. Put the gap wedge in the most leftward slot, followed by the sand wedge and the lob wedge. By placing the wedges in this order, you can easily access each one when you need them during your round.

How should I Pick a Golf Bag?


The bag size should depend on the number of clubs you need to carry. A smaller bag may be sufficient if you only take the basic number of clubs. If you have more than the basic level of clubs, look for a larger bag with room for extra clubs. 


The weight of the golf bag is also an essential factor to consider. Heavier bags may be more durable and offer more storage, but they can also be more cumbersome to carry. Lighter golf bags are ideal for carrying the bag around the course.

Storage Capacity:

The golf bag’s storage capacity is a crucial aspect to take into account. Look for a bag with enough pockets and compartments to store your rangefinder, tees, clubs, balls, and any other items you may need on the course. 


Many features on golf bags might make them simpler to use. Look for features such as padded straps, rain hoods, dividers, and even GPS/rangefinder holders. 


Golf bags come in many different styles and colors, so pick one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Some golfers prefer bags that match their golf clothing, while others prefer more traditional-looking bags. 


Your budget is also essential when choosing a golf bag. Decide how much you can afford, then look for a bag that falls within that price range. 

How to Organize 7-Way Golf Bag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many dividers in a golf bag is best?

The amount of dividers in a golfer’s bag depends on the bag they select and their own personal preference. Generally speaking, most golf bags contain between five and fourteen divisions. Five dividers may be sufficient for those carrying only a few clubs, while fourteen divisions are ideal for those having a complete set of 14 clubs. 

Generally speaking, most golfers will find 8-10 dividers in a bag offer the best combination of convenience, organization, and protection from club damage. It also allows easy access to all your clubs, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them.  

2. Do I need full-length dividers in my golf bag?

Full-length dividers may be a worthwhile investment depending on your golf bag. Full-length dividers can keep your clubs separated and stop them from slamming into one another. If you have a large golf bag with 14-way dividers, full-length dividers can also help keep your golf clubs from becoming tangled and make it easier for you to access the club you need when needed. Additionally, if you’re carrying a lot of golf clubs, full-length dividers can help reduce the amount of weight you’re carrying in your bag. 

3. Do I need a lob wedge in my bag?

Generally speaking, a lob wedge aims to help you hit high-lofted, soft shots around the green. If you usually struggle with this type of shot or find yourself in situations where you need to get the ball up quickly, then adding a lob wedge to your bag could be beneficial. 

4. Where do golf bags store irons?

In the middle section of a golf bag. This section often has two parts. Golfers typically keep the clubs they use most often in the bag’s middle section’s front. Then store other irons, such as the 3- through 8-irons, in the back part of the middle section. Doing this ensures that the most used clubs are readily available for use. 

5. Can you put partitions on a golf bag?

Yes, it is possible to add dividers to a golf bag. Dividers can help organize and protect clubs by separating them into different sections, which can be especially useful for larger golf bags. They are typically made from hard plastic or polyester mesh and have individual slots that can hold up to 14 clubs. When purchasing dividers, it is vital to ensure they fit correctly in the bag, as some dividers may not fit all golf bags.

6. Which straps do caddies prefer, single or double?

Some caddies may prefer single straps because they provide a more excellent range of motion, and they can easily adjust them to fit the golf bag better. On the other hand, double straps offer more support and stability, which may be more beneficial for caddies who carry heavier bags or walk long distances.


Golf is a popular game that many enjoy. Whether a beginner or a pro, having the right gear and keeping it organized is essential to playing your best. Organizing your golf bag is an integral part of optimizing your game. Doing so can help you save time and find the right clubs quickly. Taking a few easy steps will ensure your bag is ready for every shot.

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