How to Clean Golf Glove

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A golf glove is a major accessory you should have as a golfer during a golf game. Every golfer seeks a relaxed but firm grip which a golf glove offers. The golf glove gives you more confidence to grip your club and strike the ball without fear of the club twisting in your hands.

However, a dirty golf glove is unsightly and certainly affects how you look. It also affects your grip on the club. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take more than a few rounds of play with your golf glove before they get stained or dirty, and you may start getting worried about how to clean it or purchase another one.

Golf gloves can be cleaned, and we will show you how in this article. You will learn how to extend the life span of your golf gloves and save some money that would otherwise have gone down the drain.

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

Wearing golf gloves is not compulsory, however, it is a good idea. It provides more gripping power and friction when you hold the club. You are able to keep the correct grip pressure throughout your entire swing without having to increase your grip pressure with a golf glove.

Also, golf gloves are particularly helpful to prevent the club from slipping or twisting from your hands, especially in extreme weather, such as during summer when your hands are likely to be sweaty from heat or in wet or rainy seasons. A golf glove equally protects your hands from becoming sore and developing blisters from continuous play if you play a lot of golf and hit lots of balls on the driving range.

With golf gloves now being customized and produced in practically any color you can imagine by notable designers, wearing gloves can help you make a fashion statement and carve a niche for yourself in the field of play.

Lastly, golf gloves that are breathable and easy to clean exist in the market now more than ever.

How to Clean Golf Glove

Types of Golf Gloves

Golf gloves come in different designs and colors and from different manufacturers in different sizes. The golf glove comes in two major types – Cabretta leather and synthetic leather. Other types are the hybrid glove (a combination of leather and synthetic) and the rain glove, which is specifically made for rain. 

Cleaning a Golf Glove

Golf gloves get dirty from diverse sources ranging from soil and dirt transferred from the golf balls when picked up to sweat from the golfer’s palm, plus grime and wear marks caused by contact with the club handle. 

The materials you need are cool water, a mild detergent/hand wash, a soft brush, a towel, a microfiber cloth, and a sink/bowl/bucket.

Steps to Clean Your Golf Glove

Step 1

Stretch out the gloves, then remove dust and grime from their surface with a soft-bristle brush before adding water or soap. Doing this will make it easy for you to see the deep-seated dirt, perspiration, and mud on the glove.

Step 2

Apply a mild detergent or washing soap to the stains on the glove and rub gently with your index finger. You can also use an old toothbrush should your finger fail to remove the dirt/stain. It is advisable to wear your gloves when performing this step to ensure the gloves are fully stretched out, and you have access to hidden places.

Step 3

Fill your sink, bowl, or bucket with cold water (enough to cover the glove in the sink, bowl, or bucket). Then, add a little soap to the water and swish the glove in it. You can also rub your hand together with the gloves in between to remove deeply seated grime. You can also soak the glove for a few minutes (preferably for not more than 10mins). Rinse quickly and thoroughly to avoid leaving any soap residue. 

Can I Clean a Leather Golf Glove?

Yes, you can! In fact, we recommend a full leather glove for quality and durability. However, it could be a problem if you sweat excessively because some full leather gloves will not provide you with adequate ventilation to make your hands dry.

Leather has its challenges when it comes to cleaning. Leather will get damaged if exposed to excessive wetness because it is not designed to get extremely wet. You can clean your leather golf glove while wearing it. Simply pour cold water over the glove whilst wearing it. You can also add a mild soap solution (if readily available). Use a soft brush or towel you have kept for that purpose to gently rub against the dirt. In the absence of a brush or towel, simply rub your hand against the other. 

Give attention to the areas that mostly get dirty, like the palm and areas in between the fingers, when washing the glove. Do not be aggressive in scrubbing the gloves, as too much pressure on the gloves can damage them. Rinse the glove with cool water so that the soap does not remain on the glove beyond the cleaning process. 

Do not wring your glove in the process of drying. To get rid of excess water from your gloves without causing any change to their shape and size, simply alternate between a fully extended hand and a clenched fist. 

Once your leather glove is dry, you should apply a leather conditioner on your gloves, preferably with a microfibre cloth. Be careful to ensure all parts of the gloves are conditioned, paying particular attention to areas between the fingers.

Drying Golf Gloves

You must pay attention to drying your gloves and how to clean them without damaging them if you’re a profuse sweater. 

There is only one right way to dry gloves, and that is to air dry them after hand washing them. This is the best way to keep the gloves intact for longer. You want to avoid putting your gloves in the dryer. The heat is likely to shrink them and cause them to lose form. It may also cause it to crack and become irreversibly damaged. Instead, hang it out in the sun after using your fingers to stretch it out. 

You should have extra gloves with which you can interchange during rounds to prevent the gloves from being too soaked with sweat and also allow them to dry before using them again for another round.

How to Minimize or Remove Odor From Golf Gloves

In most cases, washing your gloves with mild detergent and water should get rid of the odor. Spreading them in the sun is another great way of removing odor-causing germs, and airing the gloves in between play can prevent odor build-up. However, if your gloves still have some odor, you can rinse them out with equal parts of white vinegar and water to get rid of the odor.

You can also put some baking soda in the gloves and allow it to sit overnight before dusting it out. Baking soda is great at absorbing smells without damaging gloves, especially leather ones, which are prone to damage.

Cleaning Dos and Don’ts


  • Air dry
  • Take off your gloves frequently during play to allow them to breathe
  • Have an extra pair of gloves on standby and alternate between pairs
  • Avoid soaking your gloves in water for an extended period 


  • Use bleach or other strong chemicals on your glove
  • Use hot water to wash them
  • Use the gloves to wipe your sweat, especially if it is made from leather
  • Keep the gloves stuffed in your bag after use
  • Wipe dirt off your ball with the gloves

When to Replace Gloves

You will save plenty of money if you take great care of your golf gloves and don’t need to replace them often. When you learn to keep them clean on and off the course, you can radically extend their lifespan. However, despite that, like all other equipment, they are subject to wear and tear. Sooner or later, they will become worn out, lose traction and become useless.

Golf gloves are fairly cheap items, too, so you may be tempted to replace them more frequently than is necessary. However, you need to know when to replace your gloves, not only when you feel like it.

Here are a few signs that you should look out for to make a replacement. The first is when you see signs of irreparable damage, like tears or cracks. Also, when it has become so dirty over time that washing it no longer removes the dirt, it might be a good time to replace it. Last but not least is if the gloves have shriveled up, become stiff, and uncomfortable to wear. Continuing to use them would defeat their purpose.


Most golfers don’t realize how easy it is to clean golf gloves. As such, they end up spending so much on buying gloves over and over again. Caring for your golf gloves is quite easy. Little things like hanging it out after games and rinsing with cool or warm water greatly help. Unfortunately, many are unaware of these little steps, and the sight of filthy and smelly gloves is all too common on the course.

Follow the tips above to save money and have a much better golfing experience while you are at it.

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